Mapshot lets you share either the whole or a part of a map with someone, without requiring them to have XMind installed. Here's how to:

Create a Mapshot:

  1. Open a map.
  2. You have two methods to begin the Mapshot creation process:
    • Click 'F7'.
    • Choose 'Tools > Map Shot' on the menu.
  3. Select the area by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  4. The chosen area will be highlighted.
  5. Change the area scope by dragging and moving the slider on the border.
  6. Double click the chosen area, XMind will copy the selected area and save itin an image file format to your desktop automatically.* You can quickly share it with others or paste it into other applications.


  • The saved image file is PGN format, so it can be viewed using any image viewing or editing program.
  • You can change Mapshot settings by clicking "Edit > Preferences > Mind Map > Mapshot" on the menu.



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