Export and Import

XMind Free can export the mind map to image and txt file. Also, it can import MindManager and FreeMind files. Working with XMind Plus/Pro, it supports 17 additional format export, like Word, PDF, Excel, PPT, Project, FreeMind, HTML and etc.

  1. Click 'File > Export' from the menu.
  2. Select the target format, like Word.
  3. Export Dialog

  4. Click 'Next' to continue.
  5. Choose the location by clicking 'Browser', and change the export settings as needed.
  6. Export to HTML

  7. Click 'Finish'.


You can import four types of file formats into XMind: FreeMind file, Mindjet MindManager File, Microsoft Office Word file and XMind 2008 Workbook.


  1. Click "File > Import" from the menu.
  2. Import Dialog

  3. Select the target file format, like Mindjet Manager.
  4. Browser to find source file and choose where to import it.
  5. Import Dialog Location

  6. Click 'Finish'.



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