To make it friendly and timesaving, we always need the personal settings, like the shortcuts, search engine and etc. Clicking "Edit - Preferences" on the menu, we can find so many personal settings below.

  • Set the meaning of drag and drop a local file into XMind software here.

  • Drag and Drop
  • Change the general settings about Mind Map.

  • Mind Map
  • Link and unlink evernote account
  • Define how XMind priorities are mapped to Microsoft Project priorities.
  • Change the general settings about XMind
  • Select the command in field, and then change its binding shortcuts in below dialog to change/add the shortcuts in XMind.
  • Shortcuts
  • You can change the network connections here.
  • Network Connections
  • Enable or disable the Local Network Sharing functionality, and name your computer.
  • Local network Sharing
  • Decide whether to send an copy of the map-shot to a local folder.
  • Add the marker group firstly at the upper part, and add the markers into group at the bottom part.
  • Markers
  • Choose your favorite search engine.
  • Change the options about Spell checker, and add your own dictionary(.dict) into XMind.
  • Decide if using the internal Web Browser to open the hyperlink in topics.
  • Web Browser
  • Upgrade to XMind Pro, or hide the paid features.
  • XMind Pro

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