Summary is a brief description of topic areas on the map, and is used to highlight the major points for helping the audience quickly grasp the purpose of the map topics.

To add a Summary:

  1. Select the targeted topics to add to the summary.
  2. You can use following methods to create a summary:
    • Use shortcut key "Ctrl+]" to add a summary.
    • Right-click with your mouse, and choose "Insert > Summary" from the context menu.
    • Choose "Insert > Summary" from the menu.
  3. Edit the summary topic by typing directly.
  4. You can create the subtopics within the summary topic by clicking the "Tab" key.
  5. Move the slides at the top and bottom of summary box to change the scope of the summary.


To change summary properties:

  1. Select a summary, and open the Properties view.
  2. You can change the following properties:
    • Summary Line Style, and color.
    • Summary Topic text formatting, Line, box shape, Structure and etc.

Summary Properties

To delete an existing summary:

  1. Select a summary, and click "Delete" on the keyboard.


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