The template in XMind forms the structure of the map, and is saved as a .XMT file. There are 22 basic templates for your reference, the Default Blank Mind Map template, To-do List, Six Thinking Hats, Travel Plan, Org Chart, Project Plan, Project Status report, Projects Dashboard, Neogotiaion of Sale, Preparation for a Conversation, Marketing template, and etc.

To use template:
  • Select "File -- New" from menu
  • In the coming dialog, double-click your preferred template

Open Template


Build your own template:
  1. Build a map with a structure, and add some basic subtopics
  2. Set your preferred styles, such wallpaper, topic font or line appearance.
  3. Click "File - Save as Template..." from menu.
  4. Select the path and save your template.

 Save as Template

Add your templates into XMind:
  • Select "File -- New".
  • Click "Add template" in the coming dialog, and select your template
  • Then, XMind will add it into the template so that you can create a mind map with it!



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