You can align any topics block on the map as follows:

  1. Select the topics you want to align.
  2. You can align the topics and change attributes by the following ways:
    • Choose 'Modify> Alignment > Left/Center/Right...' on the menu to align the selected topic blocks.
    • Choose 'Modify > Allow Overlaps' on the menu to allow topic blocks to overlap one another.
    • Choose 'Modify > Tile' on the menu to arrange the topic blocks in a tiled manner.
    • Choose 'Modify > Reset Position' on the menu to move the block back to its default position.

Alignment menu

Alignment menu2

You can see all the command meanings following:

  • Left : All selected Topics are left aligned.
  • Center : All selected topics are center aligned.
  • Right : All selected topics are right aligned.
  • Top : All selected topics are top aligned.
  • Middle : All selected topics are middle aligned.
  • Bottom : All selected topics are bottom aligned.
  • Allow Overlaps : All topics can be placed overlapping each other.
  • Tile : Tile all ovelapped topics.
  • Reset Position: Return all main branches to their default position.

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