Several topics with similar information or concepts can be grouped together within a boundary. Here's how:

To add a Boundary:

  1. Select the target topics.
  2. Apply the boundary:
    • Click the boundary icon Boundary Icon on the toolbar.
    • Right-click on the blank space, and select 'insert > boundary'.
    • Use shortcut 'Ctrl+B'(Command+B for Mac User).
  3. Drag and move the slides on the edges of the boundary to change boundary scale.
  4. Boundary

Note: Subtopics under different branches or different father-topics can not be in one boundary.

To add the Boundary text.

  1. Select the boundary.
  2. Type the description, and click "Enter" to finish.

To change Boundary properties:

  1. Select the boundary.
  2. Open the Properties View.
  3. You can change the following boundary settings:
    • Boundary Shape, Background color, Fill opacity.
    • Line style, color.
    • Boundary text font, size, color, and etc.

boundary properties


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