When two topics or boundaries have relationships to each other, XMind can illustrate the relationship with a line that links them together on the map.

To Add a relationship:
  1. Select a topic or boundary.
  2. You have four methods to create the relationship:
    • Click the relationship iconrelationship on the toolbar.
    • Choose "Insert > Relationship" from the menu.
    • Use shortcut 'Ctrl+L'(Command for Mac users).
    • Right-click the mouse, select "Insert > Relationship" from the context menu.
  3. Click the targeted topic or boundary.
  4. Double-click the text box in the middle of the line to enter a description for this relationship.

To Change the Properties of a relationship:
  1. Select a relationship, and open the Properties View.
  2. Then, you can change the line shape, style, color, and text font, size, color, and so on.

Relationship Properties


  • You can create a relationship between any two topics, two boundaries, or a topic and a boundary.
  • Any topics or boundaries can have multiple relationships.

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