A label is a small text tag that is attached to topics and typically used for simple annotation and categorization. Added labels can be used to filter the topics with it.

You can easily create, edit, and delete existing label like below:

To add a label:
  1. Select a topic.
  2. Two options to open the label field:
    • Click the label icon on toolbar.
    • Use the shortcut key 'F3'.
  3. Type the label text in the field, and press 'Enter'.

Notes: Every topic can have multiple labels. Just use comma to separate them. Ant the labels will be in alphabet order.

To edit a label:
  1. Select the topic, and open the label field.
  2. Edit the existing label, and press 'Enter'.
To delete a label:
  1. Select topic, and open the label field.
  2. Delete this existing label text, and press 'Enter'.

Note: You cannot create, edit, or delete a label for multiple topics at the same time.

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