XMind allows users to easily insert information into a spreadsheet format, and at the same time include multiple topics - complete with individual appearances and structures - within each cell. The XMind Spreadsheet can display a set of complex factors and behaviors in perpendicular rows and columns, thus enabling in-depth comparative analysis for project management and strategic decision-making.


Basic operations:

Column and Row:

Each row topic is a main topic if converted from a mind map or other structures.

  1. To Add Column:
    • Click the button beside the spreadsheet Title.
    • Select a Row Topic, Click "Tab".
  2. To Add Row:
    • Select the spreadsheet Title, and Click "Enter".
    • Select a Row Topic, and Click "Enter".
  3. To Edit a column or row topic:
    • Column name: You can double click to edit Column text, and change order by selecting the column with mouse and moving left/right directly.
    • Row topic: You can double-click to edit it, and change the order by selecting the row topic with mouse and moving up/down directly.
  4. To Delete a column or row:
    • Column: Delete all cell topics under in this column.
    • Row: click on the row topic and press "Delete" on the keyboard or right-click and select "Delete".

Cell topic:

Cell topics have the same operations as topics in a mind map and other structures.

  1. To add a cell topic within the same level:
    • Click "Enter" key after selecting a topic in this cell.
    • Double click the blank in cell.
  2. Changing a cell topic structure:
    1. Select the cell topic.
    2. Open properties view.
    3. Select structure in the drop-down structure list.


  • Cell topics can be dragged and moved from one cell to another.
  • You can add subtopic to any cell topic by clicking tab.
  • You can add relationship, boundary in Spreadsheet format.

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