The Merge functionality can help us to organize the information from more than one map by merging two maps together. In this example, Map A will be merged with Map B.

  1. Open Map A and Map B.
  2. Choose 'Tools > Merge..' on the menu
  3. Select Map B on the merging dialog.
  4. Click 'OK' and you can see the merged map.
  • Map A
  • Map B
  • Merge Dialog
  • Merged Map

Merge Rules

  1. Map A and Map B should both be opened in XMind, which can be in different workbooks.
  2. Topics with the same text content in the same level under the same parent will be treated as identical topics; identical text inside the corresponding topic on Map A will be replaced by the text on Map B.
  3. Topics with different text contents will be treated as different topics. If a topic on Map B does not exist in Map A, then it will be copied to Map A under the corresponding parent.
  4. Pressing "Ctrl+Z" can undo the merge process.


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