Workbook and multiple sheets

Every XMind file is considered a workbook. And one workbook can maintain multiple sheets, which are separate mind maps. It's so easy to create and modify the sheet.

To creating a new sheet:

  1. Use shortcut 'Ctrl+T'.
  2. Double-click on the blank space beside the sheet name at the bottom of the editor viewer.
  3. Click 'sheet' iconsheet icon on the toolbar.


To modify sheet:

  1. Right-click on the sheet name on the bottom of the editor viewer.
  2. From the context menu you can make the following changes:
    • Rename this sheet.
    • 'Save Map as...' lets you save the current sheet as a separated workbook.
    • Delete the current sheet from the workbook.
    • Delete Other Sheets.
    • Properties make you open the properties veiw quickly.

Sheet context menu
Note: All maps in a workbook are separate from each other. They can have different structures, wallpapers, themes, and so on.


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