XMind has 17 different views to edit, display and manage your mind maps. They are Outline, Properties, Spelling, Audio Notes, Black Box, Editing History, Filter, Notes, Overview, Search n Workbook, Clip Art, Local Network Sharing, Markers, Themes, Web Browser, Taskinfo, Gantt.

To open view

  1. Choose View on the menu.
  2. Select the view you need.
  3. If can not find what you need, move your mouse to 'More' to show the hidden views.
  4. Select the view you need.

View Menu

Notes: You can also open the view by clicking the sidebar.

To move view's position

  1. Select the View.
  2. Left-click and hold the mouse to move the view. You can place the view anywhere you want, even out of the XMind window.


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